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Lookit what I found! xD A buncha old stories! xD I should really start a book of beginnings, ne? xDD

Supposed to be for the Sho!Incubus fic I wanted to write, but ended up not finishing it because… Yeah. xD

He was beautiful.

The man before her had beautiful, beautiful eyes that were a deep burgundy in color—almost nearing crimson, actually. His hair was a messy mop of russet that fell just above his shoulders. He had high cheekbones and a well defined nose.

Neither was he pale nor was he tan—his skin was just the right shade with the perfect amount of color in it.

But gods, his lips…

They were so… full…

So… delectable…

So… kissable…?

Supposed sequel for the ‘Five Grudges Ohno Satoshi had on Natsuno Ai’ fic. xDD

<talk here>

“Where’s the ring?You know… The engagement ring?”

“… I…”


“I didn’t get one.”

Junko stared, wide-eyed. “… You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m not, nyaa! He didn’t get me a ring!”


“He got me something better!”

“Which would be…?”

“A kiss.”


“And his second button when he was in middle school.”

//*: The second button means ‘marry me’ or ‘you’re the one for me’. Usually given during middle school graduation. 😉

And this is supposed to be the Natsuno!Telepathy fic. xDD Oh Kami, this thing cracked me up at some point in my life.

Matsumoto Jun wondered at how those two could keep their relationship together when they hardly talk.

At least, he hardly talks. He was more of a listener who sat contently beside his girlfriend who chattered like banshee who’d never shut up twenty-four seven.

Well, there were times wherein she’d go quiet and sentimental, but those times were rare.

… It depended on her mood, actually, now that he thought about it.

Jun didn’t mean to peak or pry—hell, he didn’t care what Ohno did with Natsuno.

Okay, he does care… a lot.

And that’s because both Ohno Satoshi and Natsuno Ai are his friends.

But their conversations are really, really disturbing.

*//: The telepathy being the fact that Natsuno can understand Ohno without him having to say anything. 😀

Ahahaha! This fic is… well… I dunno. Just wrote it out of impulse and I’ve no idea what to do next. 🙂

Ohno Satoshi is known to be the king of all the fearless.

He is notorious for not being afraid of anything, be it drinking soda from an unopened, ten year-old can or riding roller coasters a thousand feet off the ground.

Of course, he’d never push it to the level that he’d get other people injured—most especially his mother and the rest of his family. Never.

So, yeah. That earned him the title ‘king of all the fearless’.

At least, until today.

He might actually be dethroned.


He feels… dizzy.

He tries to crack open an eye. Ohno immediately regrets it when he realizes that there is a lamp directed straight at him.

“Ugh…” he groans. He tries to move, to rub the sleep off his eyes, to no avail.

“Wha…?” he realizes that his hands are tied to his back, and that he is seated on a chair.

His eyes snap open. He realizes he’s in a foreign room.

He remembers Sakurai Sho coming over to his apartment two weeks ago to decode the note Natsuno Ai stuck on his fridge, which turned out to be a love confession from the latter. He remembers the awkward silence that would ensue between the two of them whenever they were left alone.

He still somehow couldn’t respond to the confession. It took him aback, honestly.

Ohno couldn’t pin point a time wherein she liked him that way.

“Profile for Ohno Satoshi. Birth, 26th November. Gender, Male. Civil Status…” the person abruptly stops. “Uh… Single…?”

A piece of the Sho!Incubus fic that I came up with recently. xD I wanted him to first appear via a mirror! :3

Then something… something… catches my eye.

I stare at my reflection. My hair is messy and my nightgown looks like it’s about to slip off my shoulders any moment.

But that’s not all.

There was someone behind me, and he was staring at me through the mirror.

I wrote several Ninoki fics but they were all complete and read. I don’t like ’em at all! Except for the Neener one, I think… I wrote it in Nino’s perspective. But it’s Highschool!AU and ANK doesn’t need it. D8



  sakuyama wrote @

I seriously want the incubus fic. T________T

  NatsuOh wrote @

D8 Stories… Draining my head…. D8

  houjunmai wrote @

*lols at the telepathy one because of Matsumoto-kun’s reaction*

  NatsuOh wrote @

=33 ^_______________________^


  NatsuOh wrote @

I wonder if my reply of smileys made any sense. xDD

I fail.

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