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i’m still alive, whaddaya know.

I’m a failure. Seriously.

But editorial writing loves me~♫ *happy* I actually won 9th place (first attempt) at it was NCR-wide! Haha. 🙂 Aaaanyyywayyyy~ I’m gonna do my homework now. Bye bye, WP. (¯3¯)


home from a field trip.

We’ve been to lots of places today. (:D)

From the kitchen of McDonald’s to the Senate House to PAGASA Weather Forecasting to ABS-CBN studio to the Congress House thing to the whatever that followed. I forgot. (:P)

I’m pretty disappointed since we didn’t get to see Mr. Coco Martin since he’s such an awesome hunk but… oh well. (:D)

I’m pretty tired since… well… we’ve been really busy today. Too bad one of my classmates couldn’t come because of the Chicken Pox. (D8)

We went home an hour later than expected. It had rained and the traffic was heavy. (:>)

Oh well.


Forgive the bad words. I tried censoring them, but I ‘m just too ugh.


My mood is better than I had been for the past few days. Seriously! I was all, ‘Ugh! F**k the world!’ and emo like that.

My schedule has been very hectic the past week.

School was being a b***h again. I got facial rashes in the middle of doing a group health project < my mother was the one who noticed >. I honestly thought I was going to die since… well, I’ve never had facial rashes before, and I didn’t exactly know how to deal with it.

I was in my cousins’ house because I didn’t have a sufficient video-editing program and I needed one. Badly.

My cousin, Physical Therapy student, told me it was just stress. Stress could kill, so… it would not really surprising if I had died.

Anyway, what got me fired up was the fact that I wasn’t the leader for said health project… by name, at the very least.

The project was actually a short film regarding mental health disorders. It was given approximately one month ago.

I said I would be unable to attend shooting days because of personal circumstances, so I offered my editing services. They said they could handle the rest.

Almost two weeks later, progress had yet to happen. I asked them, “Have you guys started filming yet?”

They replied no. They didn’t even have a script yet! Two weeks simply isn’t enough for editing, so I decided to take action myself.

I made the script. Thankfully, one of the thoughtful members decided to get the permission slips from the Student Activity Coordinator’s office so we could start < and hopefully finish > filming that weekend. And no, it wasn’t B***h.

I ended up being the director and the camera person, too. B***ch < a.k.a. Leader by name > decided to ‘help me’ by bossing around the other members. When it was her turn to be filmed, she said the wrong lines over and over < I started wondering whether or not she did it on purpose, or whether or not she was just that stupid >. Thankfully, she decided to grow a f**king brain almost ten minutes too late.

Ugh. That f**king fag.

I remained on my feet for four to five hours straight, without any water, telling them what to do, demonstrating how they should act, etc. That earned me four blisters.

Finally, I landed on my supposed job – editing. I won’t elaborate any more. Something came up and the edited videos won’t compress < only the first 16% did, however >.

The past week, I only got 5 hours of sleep trying to compress it into a single file. What’s worse was that the laptop wasn’t mine < it was my cousin’s – the one who told me about my facial rash, thing. I only borrowed it in hopes of getting the files compressed before the deadline.

The B***h < and some other of my nameless members >  asked if we would be able to pass the project on time < the final deadline was on Wednesday >. I only gave them a smile that said, “What do you think, A** ***e?”

To get an extension, I had to lower my dignity and I literally cried in front of sensei. I brought the laptop to school and made him watch how the videos wouldn’t compress. He gave a consideration, thankfully. Two days later, I gave him an incomplete project < I had to go through a lot of things – I even went as far as to asking a professional to do it, but unfortunately, the price was too high >.

“Please don’t give us a failing grade,” I pleaded. He raised an eyebrow. “Where’s your leader? Why’re you always the one who’d talk to me regarding this?”

I gave him a look that said, “Do you think she has the initiative?” He got the message and underlined the B***h’s name in red ink.

And that SO. MADE. MY. DAY. (>:D)

Oooohhh~ Revenge is a b***h.

Self-fulfillment, yo! Hahaha! Take THAT, loser shmit!

I am sorry for the violence. Yes, I am that mean.


Ginagamit ko ang mga ‘di ko pa tapos na assignment para maging excuse na mag=computer ng late. 😛 Lol.


Kanina, napagalitan ako ni… uh… Isko-sensei.

Di lang naman ako. Lahat ng mga ‘leaders’ sa groupings namin for some reason na ayokong banggitin.

Di ko kasi alam na leader ako, ee. 😦 Vinolunteer lang ako nung mga classmates ko.

And yes. That person threatened us with a grade of 79%.

Dude – buong buhay ko di pa nga ako nakakakuha ng below 85%, ee.

Pero his anger passed – just as quickly as it came.

He’s a really nice person – he’s one of my favorite teachers, actually.

Medyo balat-sibuyas lang ako siguro pag-dating sa grades kasi *medyo* GC ako, ee. :/

Kanina, naasar pa ‘ko kasi naka 11/15 lang ako sa test sa religion.


Anyway, di naman ako ganun nabigla since impromptu yung quiz (pero nainggit pa rin ako sa mga katabi ko na naka-perfect score). *sigh*

Kanina, nakalimutan ko pa kunin yung transcript records ko from the Records center.

I’m so, so, so, so utterly tanga.


Exam ko nga pala sa UP is on Aug. 8, 2010 – Math Building at 12:30 PM.

8D Wish me luck~♫


After a long, long time, I FINALLY get to be online!


I spent the whole afternoon covering my textbooks for school. Why I took so long, you ask? Well, it’s because I used a cutter instead of scissors

Oh yeah~ I am so, so, so happy with this. *thank you WP for the reblogging feature~*

Rain is a fic with the OMG factor. ‘Nuff said. 😀

No really. Nee-chan wrote this and she was read it to me on the phone. Then when she suddenly stopped, I was all, “HEY!!!” and… yeah. The usual rant and lecture about how she SHOULDN’T read to me UNFINISHED fics. D8

I hate cliffhangers.

Anyhow, it could be found in AnK~ Hope you guys like it as much as I do~

*and I so seriously need to write a fic to post there, too~*

I’m working on an Aiba fic, BTW.



Title: Rain
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ninomiya Kazunari, Nobu Yuuki
Genre: Angst
Summary: Nino stands under the rain waiting for Yuuki.
Read More

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i need to be more productive.

Seriously. I’ve been wasting my summer doing nothing productive.


My Kumon isn’t at its best because I keep on worrying over my clearance and exams. T_T


from daringscientive’s house~

I’m very proud to say that today’s been a productive day.

😀 It was fun~ And I got to finish a hell load of work at that~ ^_^ (except maybe for… Kumon…? xD)

Earlier… just this morning… about 2:00AM to 6:00AM…

This was supposed to be a poster for my Arts subject, nyaa. A supposedly group homework, nyaa~♥ Demo, I sometimes like hogging all the work. 🙂 It wasn’t finished yet when I took this picture, by the way. ^^

The guy with brown hair was *supposed to be* Oh-chan. :3

We had this test thinggie about the three major subjects. Halfway through the English test… I fell asleep (I am such a loser). Math was fine and dandy, if you exclude the fact that I was unable to answer about 1/4 of the test because of the (darnstupididiotic) time limit. Chemistry… it was easy.


Anyhow… From 12:00PM – 2:30PM…

We had a recording for a Radio Drama. *A* It was weird~

From 3:00PM – 7:00PM….

Me and Daughter-chan went to ‘s house to do a project. 8D So awesomesauce, nyaa! We were supposed to make a diorama of Le Arc de Triomphe. ^_^

Ohno Jr. won’t smile for the camera, nyaa. He doesn’t like me that much. T^T I made friends with ‘s little sister, though. 😀

2nd picture: [L – R] Daughter-chan (who is in fact, a year older than I am),  and .

By the way, nee-chan, you ****h~ Why the hell did you delete your picture riding Randee’s bike? c: It was epic, nyaa~ I couldn’t even ride it (sometimes, I hate having long legs).

Oh well~

Waii~ So happy~ The project actually looks so much  better than the first we did. 😀

Oh.. and…

happy birthday, grandma! 😀