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I’ve been feeling pissy the past few days and I’ve no idea why. >_<

On the brighter side, I did my Kumon without a complaint today. Yay. *rolls eyes*




I typed up something for the school paper. 🙂


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Life, Oh Life

off to school tomorrow.

Basically, the only reason why I actually want to go to school is because I’d be able to see ‘nee-chan, Rei-chan, Wei-tan, An-chan my sensei-tachi.

Anyway, my summer has been completely boring – save for the fangirling and the emo-ing over the phone with ‘nee-chan.

I’m not in my house – I’m in a cousin’s house (apparently, it’s a walking distance from ‘nee-chan’s house although I’ve yet to memorize the route from here to there – given my horrible sense of direction and… yeah).

I was checking out college applications yesterday. My mom wants me to go to De La Salle University since it’s nearer to my house (I could save her a lot of money), but I’m really up for University of the Philippines – Diliman campus because I heard from nee-chan that  they’ve basic Japanese in every class, I think? I will not lie, however, that my dream school has always been Tokyo Daigaku. 8D

I’ll be taking an engineering course.

I know I’ll be happy taking it (at least now my Kumon Math actually serves a purpose, which is to help me in college since… yeah). I’ve always been interested in buildings and wires, though (how they make it, the materials… blah… blah…). It just doesn’t look like it.

I’ll be taking Electrical and Communications Engineering.

From another person’s perspective, I say that it sounds quite professional – don’t you agree? 😉

I’ve always loved creating things, anyway. 😉

I’ve also heard that the money there is big (200, 000 YEN – starting, baby~) And that’s per month. And yeah. I love money.

I want to use that money in order to get to Japan and stay there. The Japanese probably don’t have a discrimination when it comes to age (unlike here in the Philippines ;_;). I know I’ve a tendency to compare. *fails*

So… yeah. People around me are forcing me to think like an adult when I’m still a kid. “Think about the future!” Well, I’d rather focus on today – because if I don’t, I know that someday, I’m going to regret what I’ve become. I know that I can’t start over. I can only live my life once, after all.

I’ve been intrigued by Japan ever since the summer before my second year in high school. At first, it was about anime, then it evolved over the years. It helped my realize my dream, too!

I want to be a manga-ka~ And I want to see my characters cosplayed~

Such a weird ambition, isn’t it I read somewhere that in order to be a manga-ka, you’ve to live in Japan (well… duh.) And you’ve to be proficient in the language.

After I graduate Engineering (at least, I hope so), I’d like to take Linguistics / Fine Arts (but mostly linguistics~)

Oh yeah… thinking sooo much about the future. ;P


Nee-chan: If you ever happen to read this… I’m just wondering whether you’re really taking Ling? ;D

Mai-nee-san: Ne~ You’re a UP student, ne~8D Is it hard to get in? I’ve been worrying about the entrance exams lately. I’ve procrastinated too long and I’ve yet to review~

Mari-chan: Good luck with your schooling, ne~? I hope you get into a good university after high school and then get a good job~

natsumiya? xD

Lol. An AU fic that doesn’t have to do anything with the other fics in AnK~♫

E~to. Random. 8D


Title: Magic
Genre(s): General / Attempted Black Humor
Character(s): Natsuno, Ninomiya
Summary: (AU) “I’m betting that by some twisted force of miracle that my magic won’t remain illusions,” he murmurs seriously.

Ai is speechless.


Looklook! 8D

Ureshii~ See original in my tumblr, yeah~

>> yhallothar@tumblr <<


Just because~♫ For Yamada Taro Monogatari. XD The scenes that made me crack / go squee, yo~

Ninomiya Kazunari – epic! xD

Sakurai Sho – hawwttt! ♥

Ohno Satoshi – O_O ♥

The girl – I’ve yet to know her name (real and the name in the drama)

‘s not very picture heavy… Although slow internet does kill. O_O

Which reminds me… dramacrazy.net, I love you! 8D

Under teh cut!