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recommend: the history of southbrook academy.

The History of Southbrook Academy

It’s an online fic by American Schokolade. 🙂

I don’t know what attracted me to it – the realness of the characters < it’s as if they’re alive – no really >, the thrill of the mystery or the underlying tones of horror.

The grammar is awesome – just a little purple prose-ish – with just the right amount of dialogue.

Speaking of which – I can almost hear the characters saying it < like breathing into my ears, ya know? >

‘s really, really good. I love how the phasing is just right, too~♫ Nice and slow – just like in an ideal relationship of mine.

They aren’t merely all, “I love you! Please be mine!” kind of characters. They’re the, “I love you… but I don’t know how to say it” and the “… is this love?” kind of characters – minus the cliche-ness of it all! 🙂

It just my opinion, anyway – although I’d love it if you give it a chance! The chapters are quite long < and it’s complete! which made me happier~♫ >



recommend: coraline.

You guys should really check this out. It’s terrifyingly amazing – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like reading books a lot. There are few things that pique my interest, you see.

I’m never the one who likes reading what’s ‘in’, after all. 🙂

Type: Book
Author: Neil GAIMAN
Genre: Fantasy / Horror / Underlying hints of Family
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Lesson Learned:
You could never be brave unless you know to yourself that you’re afraid. [True bravery is facing your fears.]
Roughly – $6.00 (US) / $9.00 (CAN) / Php. 250.00

“More then ten years ago I started to write a children’s book. It was for my daughter, Holly, who was five years old. I wanted it to have a girl as a heroine, and I wanted it to be refreshingly creepy. I started to write a story about a girl named Coraline. I thought that the story would be five or ten pages long. The story itself had other plans…. It was a story, I learned when people began to read it, that children experienced as an adventure, but which gave adults nightmares. It’s the strangest book I’ve written, it took the longest time to write, and it’s the book I’m proudest of.”

– Neil Gaiman