home from a field trip.

We’ve been to lots of places today. (:D)

From the kitchen of McDonald’s to the Senate House to PAGASA Weather Forecasting to ABS-CBN studio to the Congress House thing to the whatever that followed. I forgot. (:P)

I’m pretty disappointed since we didn’t get to see Mr. Coco Martin since he’s such an awesome hunk but… oh well. (:D)

I’m pretty tired since… well… we’ve been really busy today. Too bad one of my classmates couldn’t come because of the Chicken Pox. (D8)

We went home an hour later than expected. It had rained and the traffic was heavy. (:>)

Oh well.



  ennecruzin wrote @

WAA YOU’RE LUCKY TO HAVE ALMOST HAD A CHANCE TO SEE COCO MARTIN (though hindi natuloy).. Sana kami rin, mag tour na :))

  Rae wrote @

😀 Sanasanasana! 😀 Learned a lot of things regarding the place. :>

  natsumikan wrote @

SUGOI!!! Ang bilis naman ng field trip niyo… Rae-senpai is lucky!

  Rae wrote @

Fourth year na, ee. 😛 Mas maaga kami lagi. 😛

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