Forgive the bad words. I tried censoring them, but I ‘m just too ugh.


My mood is better than I had been for the past few days. Seriously! I was all, ‘Ugh! F**k the world!’ and emo like that.

My schedule has been very hectic the past week.

School was being a b***h again. I got facial rashes in the middle of doing a group health project < my mother was the one who noticed >. I honestly thought I was going to die since… well, I’ve never had facial rashes before, and I didn’t exactly know how to deal with it.

I was in my cousins’ house because I didn’t have a sufficient video-editing program and I needed one. Badly.

My cousin, Physical Therapy student, told me it was just stress. Stress could kill, so… it would not really surprising if I had died.

Anyway, what got me fired up was the fact that I wasn’t the leader for said health project… by name, at the very least.

The project was actually a short film regarding mental health disorders. It was given approximately one month ago.

I said I would be unable to attend shooting days because of personal circumstances, so I offered my editing services. They said they could handle the rest.

Almost two weeks later, progress had yet to happen. I asked them, “Have you guys started filming yet?”

They replied no. They didn’t even have a script yet! Two weeks simply isn’t enough for editing, so I decided to take action myself.

I made the script. Thankfully, one of the thoughtful members decided to get the permission slips from the Student Activity Coordinator’s office so we could start < and hopefully finish > filming that weekend. And no, it wasn’t B***h.

I ended up being the director and the camera person, too. B***ch < a.k.a. Leader by name > decided to ‘help me’ by bossing around the other members. When it was her turn to be filmed, she said the wrong lines over and over < I started wondering whether or not she did it on purpose, or whether or not she was just that stupid >. Thankfully, she decided to grow a f**king brain almost ten minutes too late.

Ugh. That f**king fag.

I remained on my feet for four to five hours straight, without any water, telling them what to do, demonstrating how they should act, etc. That earned me four blisters.

Finally, I landed on my supposed job – editing. I won’t elaborate any more. Something came up and the edited videos won’t compress < only the first 16% did, however >.

The past week, I only got 5 hours of sleep trying to compress it into a single file. What’s worse was that the laptop wasn’t mine < it was my cousin’s – the one who told me about my facial rash, thing. I only borrowed it in hopes of getting the files compressed before the deadline.

The B***h < and some other of my nameless members >  asked if we would be able to pass the project on time < the final deadline was on Wednesday >. I only gave them a smile that said, “What do you think, A** ***e?”

To get an extension, I had to lower my dignity and I literally cried in front of sensei. I brought the laptop to school and made him watch how the videos wouldn’t compress. He gave a consideration, thankfully. Two days later, I gave him an incomplete project < I had to go through a lot of things – I even went as far as to asking a professional to do it, but unfortunately, the price was too high >.

“Please don’t give us a failing grade,” I pleaded. He raised an eyebrow. “Where’s your leader? Why’re you always the one who’d talk to me regarding this?”

I gave him a look that said, “Do you think she has the initiative?” He got the message and underlined the B***h’s name in red ink.

And that SO. MADE. MY. DAY. (>:D)

Oooohhh~ Revenge is a b***h.

Self-fulfillment, yo! Hahaha! Take THAT, loser shmit!

I am sorry for the violence. Yes, I am that mean.



  houjunmai wrote @

LMAO! Good one! I sure wouldn’t like to be on your bad side. ^^

  Rae wrote @

:> Of course you won’t. I look like a fudging fuzz ball with a dark, dark aura when I’m mad. 😀 ♥

  natsumikan wrote @

Wahahaha!!!! That’s very funny!!

Sometimes, Onee-chan’s also like that.

Getting violent and mean.

* was the first one who read this post of Rae-senpai but she posted her comment ahead of me! What the?*

  Rae wrote @

There comes a time in life when we all feel that way…

Except bad things always bring the worst out of me. :> My incredibly sadistic side can make me whip up a drama in order to BRING. YOU. DOWN.

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