ohai, wp.

Do you know how much I absolutely adore you and all your awesomesauce-ness? 😀

WP is the best, yo! 😀



  natsumikan wrote @

Sugoi~! New theme…again? LOL XD

I missed Rae-senpai~! Because I haven’t been online for several days because of my homeworks and other school-related stuff to do. I really missed all of you~, and wordpress too!

  Rae wrote @

Heck yea! School’s been taking its toll on me for the past few days. :3

I’m not yet finished doing my homework, though.


  houjunmai wrote @

Yehey! the Ohno-banner iz back! ♥

  Rae wrote @

iknowright? *_*

Teh awesomeness, yo! 8D

  natsumikan wrote @

The gravatar(?) is HUGE! I can see Nino-kun better now~


  Rae wrote @

Waii! Kouhai-chan! Omedetou gozaimasu!

Hahaha! The gravatar is awesome, ne? Although I do get sick of staring at my face. 😛

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