recommend: the history of southbrook academy.

The History of Southbrook Academy

It’s an online fic by American Schokolade. 🙂

I don’t know what attracted me to it – the realness of the characters < it’s as if they’re alive – no really >, the thrill of the mystery or the underlying tones of horror.

The grammar is awesome – just a little purple prose-ish – with just the right amount of dialogue.

Speaking of which – I can almost hear the characters saying it < like breathing into my ears, ya know? >

‘s really, really good. I love how the phasing is just right, too~♫ Nice and slow – just like in an ideal relationship of mine.

They aren’t merely all, “I love you! Please be mine!” kind of characters. They’re the, “I love you… but I don’t know how to say it” and the “… is this love?” kind of characters – minus the cliche-ness of it all! 🙂

It just my opinion, anyway – although I’d love it if you give it a chance! The chapters are quite long < and it’s complete! which made me happier~♫ >




  houjunmai wrote @

I was stupid to read this in the middle of the night… I could hardly look to the side for fear of seeing Gladys Clarkson beside me. XD

But it was well-written, I must agree. 😀

  Rae wrote @

I read it in the middle of the night, too. I actually dreamed of her. XC

Scary – very, very scary, ne? *_*

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