Just because~♫ For Yamada Taro Monogatari. XD The scenes that made me crack / go squee, yo~

Ninomiya Kazunari – epic! xD

Sakurai Sho – hawwttt! ♥

Ohno Satoshi – O_O ♥

The girl – I’ve yet to know her name (real and the name in the drama)

‘s not very picture heavy… Although slow internet does kill. O_O

Which reminds me…, I love you! 8D

O_O I so~ guffawed when I saw this! XDDD

♥♥♥ /is shot. 8D

Meditating? 😀 Darling, your profile is so pretty~♫ ♥

Epic face, LOL. Maybe not. XD

This gave me a heart-attack.

And this…

And most especially this. < your smiles are just too bright, Oh-chan! >

This is my dream university.

And this is Nee-chan’s dream university.

I dream to punch him. < epic face, LOL! YAMADA BELONGS TO MIMURA! >

And I really dream to see him LIVE with such a face. < such an orgasmic face, LOL! >//////< >



  ‘Nee-tan wrote @


/too lazy to log-in

  NatsuOh wrote @

8D 😛 LOL.

  natsumikan wrote @

Yay! You finally finished it, Nee-san (you’re older than me so, you’re a Nee-san) ? When Onee-chan and I saw Ohno’s expression, we really LOLed a lot!! XDDDDD

And! Omedetou!!! For finishing watching it just in a few days!!! YAY!

  NatsuOh wrote @

Uwaa~ Call me Rae/Rei-senpai, ne? 😀 XDD

And yes – Oh-chan’s expression is so LOL!!!!

Aa~ Arigatou gozaimasu, Mari-chan~♫

  houjunmai wrote @

Feh, Ikegami Takako is annooooooooying~ The actress was very convincing though. ^^… Are they also the ones subbing the videos put up on the site? If so, then that’s good. *is severely impacted by subbing groups pulling out from d-addicts because of uploaded vids in streaming sites*

  NatsuOh wrote @


Yeah~ They’re the ones subbing. ^_^



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