yamataromono. 8D

Sho’s shirt does him JUSTICEEEEEE~!!!! 8D

A papa!Nino-chan-senpai is awesome. *A*

YamaTaroMono is AWESOMEEEEE!!


I watched half of the whole series in a single day. 8D



  natsumikan wrote @

Kyaa~! Yamada Tarou!!!!! We already finished watching it last last last last month, I think January.

I was thinking, “I want to be also Tarou’s imouto-chan, and then call him, “An-chan!!!” *evil laugh*

The ending is very, very touchie. I cried a lot. (Oh, shet, I said too much, I’m spoiling your fun, gomen nasai.)

Ja, enjoy in watching! It’s really a good dorama of Nino-bob-kun.

  NatsuOh wrote @

OMG! I just did! *will make a post about it*

I was all, “An-chan! An-chan!” with the kids. :3

xDD I wasn’t able to read your comment while I was still watching. I was soo, soo, SOO obsessed with it that I went online for the sake of watching it – I ignored my other online accounts! 8D

  natsumikan wrote @

It’s okay, When I was watching it, I’m also obsessed, also because Onee-chan already finished watching it ahead of me! She always do that!!!

*glares on Onee-chan*

  houjunmai wrote @

Sakumiya rabu rabu!!!

  NatsuOh wrote @




  houjunmai wrote @

LMAO… I love that Ohno moment in the last episode too! His expression was just– XD

  NatsuOh wrote @


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