a day’s worth.

WARNING: This post is picture heavy.

Oh yeah. This day’s been really… productive? A lot happened today.

We apparently cleaned the house earlier this morning. :3 Ahahaha… I was all covered with dust and… yeah. I sneezed a lot. < stupid allergies >

We went to this place, Yakimix. 😉 The buffet there is awesome! They’re all Asian food, yo~♫

I got the first taste of sushi there < and ended up eating more raw fishies =3 > and a LOT of chocolate cake. :3 ^_^ < Red Ribbon is the best, darling >

The pay per head was 987 Yen? Yea~ The food there was great. The grilling, too~ xDD < it reminded me of Sakurai-kun because of his ‘grill’ statement > ♥♥

I think I grew fatter than I already am. And no, that is NOT an exaggeration. I ate lots, yo~ xDD ♫ Oh, and BTW, I LOVE salmon < as in the fish > now. :3

I earned a lot of stares, too. It’s because of the neko headband, I think. Whatever. ‘s not my fault that I treat it as casual wear instead of something for cons. 😛

Oh, and the thingie I’m wearing is the neko-ears I was talking about in my previous post. :3 Thank you for the pasalubong(s?), nee-chan!

The~n we went to SM. Lookit what I found! 😀

Yoshi! 😀 Cute, ne? I was all, “Gyaaaahh!!! Rainbow! ♥” when I saw it. 😉 Yeah. I’m weird that way. 😉

There I faced one of the most dignity-stripping activities in the world – underwear shopping. *A* The saleslady was LAUGHING at me. UGH. I HATE that woman!!!! D8

She was all, “Aww! You’re so cute!” and all. Pfft. ROAR!!! >_<

Then yeah. Me and my mom went to this place called Salon. D8

The place stunk of hair dye and other weird chemicals those people put on your hair… Then again, I’ve been waiting for the haircut for a lon~~g time now…

So it’s okay, I guess.

And yeah! This is me now. ;3 I look uglier in the ‘after’ because it’s REALLY hot here in the Philippines and I just got home from a walk home. 😛 Yeah~




  ennecruzin wrote @

ehh~?! pay per head is JPY 987?? like how much is that PHP?!? ne, addie~chan.. can you help me with this stuff because i dont really understand why it seems japanese stuff all look expensive.. my classmate from japan told me what’s good there is buying food or drinks like in 7-eleven.. she said you can buy them in just cheap prices.. ughhh

anyway, i love your new haircut and i love your style! just like japanese.. i just wish i could dress like that too..

  NatsuOh wrote @

499 Php. 😀 XDD And yeah~ Nee-chan said a lot of Japanese stuff are expensive. It’s hard to find stuff below 50 Yen. xDD 8D

:3 My style is Jap, nyaa? *ureshii* 8D Mou, you CAN. I’m willing to bet it suits you, too! 😀 8D Enne-chan is pretty, nyaa! 8D I’m pretty hard faced when wearing stuff people would usually take to cons. 8D *hugs*

  natsumikan wrote @

“Gyaaaahh!!! Rainbow! ♥”

I’m also like that when I see anything that is like a rainbow. I like rainbows so much when I was a kid until now.

  NatsuOh wrote @

😀 Me too~ But my favorite color’s always been blue / red~

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