WP! 😀 Long time no update. 😛

Been hooked with LJ again < their icons are so pretty >. But I’m never gonna abandon you, darling~♥


Anyhow, I met with onee-chan yesterday, and I was like all, “Nee-chan! OMFG!!! :D”

And yeah…

We spent almost 2 hours chatting and fangirling and browsing the photobooks (which she got all the way from Japan~).

And I got my pasalubong too~ < sheettt~ di ‘ko alam English ng pasalubonngggg~ xDD >

The neko ears, Popolo mag, the Lilo and Stitch notebook, monster keychain, mech pencil (which is so frickin’ awesome, by the way) and pencil case, nyaa! xDD Thank you for thinking of me, nee-chan!

Oh! And BTW, thank you for lending me the 5×10 DVD. Just wanted you to know that I already finished watching

I like Juntoshi now! 😀 xDD Those two are so adorkable~

And I’m falling in love with Arashi more and more~

Due to the fact that they went on with the concert under the rain , the glittery jacket they got for MatsuJun’s birthday, fan service, and more and more ‘n more! 😀


I decided to update this instead of LJ… Just for the heck of it.


I had a lootttt of fun yesterday~ And nee-chan, I wrote on the notebook already. I saw your note, yeah~♥

Love ya all~


P.S. Please check out Stories Archive / Ashita no Kioku~ We’ve a kiriban, yo~ Check out the home page for more details~ Domo~



  natsumikan wrote @

konnichiwa!!! i’m the imouto-chan of mai-neechan. mari-chan desu!!!

sa tingin ko, souvenier(tama ba spelling?) ang english ng pasalubong….di ko sure eh… 😀

and i also love it when Nino-kun’s mic broke, and Jun shared his with Nino-kun…

  NatsuOh wrote @

Waii! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, Mari-san! 🙂

Ahh~ Yun ba yun? 😀

Ah~ Matsumiya moments are love, nyaa~ Actually, Arashi in general is rabu~

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