I ended up finishing a Nobu Yuuki fic because I am depressed.


Anyhow… it’s almost all narration. So not my style, so yeah. I won’t post it on ANK. -_-

I just read a smut SebaCiel fic. I realized that I’ve skipped all the smut and just read the dialogue.

I fail… -_-


I feel so very sad tonight. Reason being… well… it’s a secret.


And yes, I am mean enough not to post the whole fic. Not that it’s worth reading, anyway. It won’t have an ending… Or at least, this story won’t.

Title: Lilacs
~ Ninomiya / Nobu drama-ish whatever that my brain conjured up.

Nobu Yuuki is a woman of high pride and dignity.

She is classy, capable, and although slightly tomboyish and rude, quite beautiful. She has her own beliefs and her own principles.

She is a full package to most men, excluding the fact that she tires of relationships easily.

Things must always be kept interesting. Boring does not exist in her dictionary, and thus, she couldn’t stay with a single man for long.

She is happy the way she is, until, at the very least, that fateful day she had met him.

It was an odd feeling, to say the least. In all her twenty-three years of living, never had she felt so intrigued.

This man, Ninomiya Kazunari, had her under his spell.

At first, she had resisted. Eventually, her struggles led her to learning more about him—and that made him fall in love with him more and more by the day.

She couldn’t exactly point out why she fell in love with someone like him—not that she hated his type, anyway.

Maybe it was his wit? Or was it his bluntness? Whatever it was, she was happy with it.

He was surprising. Not the very least bit boring.

She wouldn’t let go of him.

Definitely not.

(Will she?)

Then came the day in which he had asked her out. She hesitated, but she agreed.

They were happy as if the world was made of the softest marshmallows and the most colorful rainbows.

Then again, Ninomiya is a magician, and magicians are experts at making perfectly crafted illusions.

< tsuzuku~ >


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