common denominator.

Well. Yeah.

I just freaking won the CHAMPIONSHIPS in CHESS, m’dahlings! 😉



Anyhow – I realized something.

The first time I played, I was listening to MONSTER – 嵐 – and I won. The second time, I was listening to the same thing, and I won again – but by default this time (my opponent ditched me). The third time, I listened to it again… And yes, I did win.

The fourth time, I just got from Kumon and I started to play [chess] immediately. I lost. When I brought out my phone and put MONSTER – 嵐 on loop. I won.

Needless to say, Arashi is sooo awesome since it could get me to playing mode. 😉

Oh ho ho ho~

Nyaa! I just love playing using the white pieces! ♥ Although I’m glad that I could win using the black ones~


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