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Ano, nyaa… Took the test earlier today. It seems accurate enough, since I answered all the questions truthfully. 🙂

Try it too? I’d love to see what your results are. ^_^

It’s quite similar to the results I usually get from guidance activities < at school, I mean >.

Oh, and by the way, I immediately got reminded of NATSUNO Ai when I saw this picture – yes, with the hyper face and all. ^^; < yeah~ that’s Mizuki Nana-san~ >

And THIS reminded me of NAKAYAMA Junko… Although she’s supposed to have glasses / blue contact lenses.

< I love the model’s skin, by the way~ >

Credits to JapaneseHairandMakeUp@Blogspot for the pictures~♥



  sakuyama wrote @

Lol. I can so imagine the Natsuyama duo! :3 ♥

  NatsuOh wrote @

Nyaa~ Me too~ 😀

  houjunmai wrote @

INFP here too! Tried that same test online and also during my meetings with the guidance counselor I was talking about in some of my entries.

Gah, I wanted to imagine the girls, but I couldn’t load the Nakayama Junko pic. -_-;

  NatsuOh wrote @

You can’t load the Nakayama Junko one? *A*

Sad. 😦

Nyaa, I thought only my school has those freaky personality tests. 😀 It turns out that they have it all over the globe…? 😀

  houjunmai wrote @

Did it! Nakayama Junko is pretty 😀

Eh, I had the impression that we’re both from the Philippines. :p

  NatsuOh wrote @

Kirei desho, ne? 😀

Ara? You’re Filipina? 😛 I was under the impression that you were Canadian!


xDD For no reason at all! xDD I thought you were CANADIAN~


  houjunmai wrote @

/kills off a bunch of flamingos to revive you.

That’s a first for me, being mistaken for a Canadian. :p Seriously? Gomen ne, don’t die. XD

  NatsuOh wrote @

Nyaa! I’m really sorry! xDD

I was all like, “Waii! This person looks like a foreigner, nyaa!” And yeah… Things tumbled on from there. xDD

Yeah. Seriously. ^^

Ahaha.. I’m alive now, nyaa! ^^; *hugs*

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