kuroshitsuji craze~

Ohohohoho! Fangirling Ciel and Sebastian again~

A higher resolution of it < as well as the description > could be found in my deviantART. Go check it out? 🙂

Oh, and by the way, it’s from the manga. < I didn’t draw it >

2 – 3 hours in PS CS2! 😀

I like Kuroshitsuji because it reminds me of MONSTER (by Arashi) xDD

Nee-chan and the other fangirls were right.

Everything leads back to Arashi. Even the word ‘everything’. ^_^

Oh, as an additional, I colored this on the same day~

Oh ho ho ho ho~ Took me longer than the Ciel one (since there’re a lot more characters), but I think this one isn’t very appreciated. I love Finnian, though! 🙂 He’s my favorite Characters in the series (opposed to majority of the fangirls who absolutely adore Sebastian / Ciel – not that I dislike them anyway~).

Ahh~ Kuroshitsuji is good, yo~

I wish they didn’t end the anime so soon. The manga is still ongoing, and I think it’s cuter. :3

*can’t wait for the next chapter to be scanlated~*

Or is it scanslated? Correct me if I’m wrong, dearies~^^;



  sakuyama wrote @

How the hell do you color in Photoshop? Bah, I won’t get it anyway, so I won’t ask further. T______T

Of course I’m right! Everything is Arashi is everything. xD

Oh, and hey. I just read this Matsujun fic and damn, I nearly cried! 😥 We Could Have Been a Fairytale The person really wrote it nicely! With the ‘you’ perspective and all! It’s the writing style I once tried, but never succeeded in doing so! T____T And don’t worry, it’s not Juntoshi or anything of the sort. It’s OC so I guess you should be fine with it. I recommend listening to GracE while reading. xD

  NatsuOh wrote @

😀 I think of Oh-chan, and the colors come out from my hands like magic! 😀

Read it. Loved it.






  sakuyama wrote @

Matsujun definitely needs more love. Kaya naawa ako sa kanila. Parang it’s always the same with the results of their love lives. Don’t they deserve to love normally like any ordinary person does? It’s so close to reality and I realized that Matsujun is human as well. Tsk.

  NatsuOh wrote @


It’s as if you’re talking about Sho-chan, nyaa~ ♥♥


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