finding a reason to blog?

Within a few minutes, I’ll have to do my Kumon.

But what can I say? 🙂 I’m just lazy that way.

I want to draw. Seriously. I’m in fricking drawing mode and Kumon is in the way. *A* Ughh..

Anyhow, after worshipping Airi-sensei’s works for a couple of minutes, I decided that I wanted to draw again, thus leaving me in this state.

I need to practice anatomy, though.

I can’t wait to show Nee-chan and Enne-chan the finished output of [ m o n s t er ]! 😀 *they’re the only people who’re enthusiastic to see it, anyway xD – besides my dad, of course*

Happy mums’ day to all mums out there! 🙂

Last Friday, I a present for my mum and my granny. Needless to say, I forgot to leave myself spare change and I had to  run home.

Well, I usually walk home anyway, but the thing is, I had to run just in case my mother gets home earlier than I do… So.. Yeah.

I came home drenched in sweat. I stunk, too. 🙂

Yesterday, me and my parents went to Divisoria < a local, dirty-ish market where I live > hunting for art supplies. 🙂 I got a good bargain too! 🙂 But we spent 3 hours walking around and around.

I got to see a lot of Chi-Fil, people! < mga kapatid ko? xD >

I was able to finish a good part of the [ m o n s t e r ] project last night < or should I say earlier this morning? >

I made countless mistakes though. But as an artist, I must never make mistakes. I needed to make it look like it was supposed to be a part of the picture. *laughs* It still looks good, I think.

Anyhow… Got to go now. 😦

< my father is nagging me – again >

G’day, mate! 😀


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