🙂 Arashi makes me crack up, yo!

Read this, dearies~

Ninomiya: Ohno-san also said something nice like ‘Koi is something you do, Ai is something <someone?> you yearn for, but Sho-san said ‘Koi wa break, Ai wa nude.’

Had I not read the footnote, I would have set out to kill Sakurai. *pissed* Ohno says things that make me go all gyaah!



  sakuyama wrote @

Can’t access the link. T___T It’s protected. Eff, I don’t understand what Sho said XD

  NatsuOh wrote @

Protected na? Sayang. :))

What they said was hella funny, yo! xDD

Koi wa Break, I think, is a name of their song. Ai wa Nude… Literally… Love is nude. *strangles him*

Tell your pervert of a husband to practice MORDERATION, DAMN IT! >____<

  sakuyama wrote @

I wanna read it, dammit!

Yeah, I know that song, Koi wa Breakin’… Lol.

I’ll see what I can do. He’s pretty much hard-headed when it comes to things like that. XDDDD

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