i freaking finished a new ficccc!!!!

And that is an ACHIEVEMENT, yo! 😀 I haven’t written a decent fic in AGES. D8

Will post in Ashita no Kioku after a fantabulous round of editing. 😉

It’s sort of a sequel to The Proposal and prequel to Wedding Dress, yo~! Natsuno-centric. 😉


A certain commenter in ANK absolutely made my day. ^_____________^

Ai raises an eyebrow at the absurd note.

Matsumoto Jun guffaws. “It’s about time!”

P.S. Anyway, I followed Uehara An-chan’s advice. I don’t think I’ll be giving her back. Ever.



  sakuyama wrote @


I was completely clueless as to the P.S. just then I figured it was Sho-chan! >///// kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥

  NatsuOh wrote @

xDDD I’ll be posting it later, nyaa~ Care to edit when you have free time? 😉

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