ashita no kioku is definitely gaining hits. *smug*

Ohohohoho~ Nee-chan… ^______^

I’m working on the meeting fic for Satoshi and Ai. ♥ 😀 <omfg, i referred to him as ‘satoshi’!>

Anyhow, said fic revolves around White day and the second uniform button for middleschoolers. 😉

Spoiler? 😀

She always took shots from afar—behind pillars, bushes, from anywhere she could hide behind just in case he’d catch her snooping about.

But this time, she realized that they were alone, and that he was asleep. He was sleeping on the same bench she first saw him.

Ai couldn’t help it. She grabbed the opportunity.

‘This is so gonna earn me a few more hundred yen.’

She took a step closer, angling her camera just right.

It wasn’t good enough.

She took another step, and another, until she was right in front of him.

She focused her camera lens.

Long, thick lashes…

She neared the camera…

Finely shaped nose…

Her index finger started pushing the button…

Unbelievably, pink, lips—

She suddenly felt someone grab her wrist. From the viewfinder, she saw Ohno crack open an eye and mutter, “What the hell are you doing?”


And basically… I ‘m stuck. D8 I need more inspiration, yo!! 😀

Picture credits to

Anyhow, speaking of Ohno, I finished the [ m o n s t e r ] project sketch earlier this morning. Ano saa… It’s so hard to draw someone RUNNING wearing that monster of a samurai outfit! >_<

Oh, and by the way,  just a sharing…

I once read Samurai as Sakurai. As in, Sakurai Sho? xD

ANYWAY, The main theme is:

“I’ll keep on running, that way, you’ll have a reason to chase me.”

Demo saa, the elements in the drawing are all closely related to the song. I forgot to say that it’s themed after ARASHI’s newest song, MONSTER. 😉 Maybe I should do one for… SPIRAL too?  xD

Alright then! Time to eat! Then I’ll head to Kumon, na! 😀


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  sakuyama wrote @

You have all the reason to be smug, dear. Yay for Ashita no Kioku~ ♥

OGAHDOGAHDOGAHD. I’m excited. I wanna read it alreadyyyyyyy! I still haven’t gone around to finish Train Station. <– Perhaps when I'm already in Japan, I'll get this inspiration from train stations there and get to write it properly. xD

Congratulations on finishing Monster! I wanna seeee~ 8D And yes, please do one for Spiral! I already have the HQ version of the song… xD so should I send? 😀

BTW, you really won't be able to come tomorrow? 😦 i'm already leaving on thursday and by then… 😥

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