chess ‘n cats.

I finally realized why I love cats soo~ much. 🙂

They have adorably horizontally fat faces. (-w-)

[Japanese Bobtail]


I want a pure breed of this one! 😀



[Exotic Shorthair]

This breed is my absolute favorite. :3 I wanna have my own~

Anyway, I won my first official chess match earlier! *so happy, nyaa*

A clean checkmate, yo! 🙂

♖E6 and ♕E7 captures ♚D7, yo! 😀 *proud* I’m the white player, by the way!

^_^ Before everything, my heart was going all *dokin* because my opponent was sooo freaking awesomesauce! O_O

I think she got intimidated when when I did a castling [king’s side], though. 😀 Then she fell right through my trap! *yosh*

I feel so awesomesauce, yo. ^////^



  natsumikan wrote @

Konnichiwa!! When I saw that you commented on my nee-chan’s(houjunmai) blog, I also saw your site, then i saw that kawaiiiiiiiiiii~ neko-chans, i was really happy…. mou~ i want a neko too, i want the chartreux!!!!!! ahh!!! cats are really cute (demo, gomen ne~ for intruding and leaving a comment.) 🙂 peace!

  NatsuOh wrote @

Ii desu, Natsumikan-chan~

Atashi wa Addie desu~

Hajimemashite, nyaa!

The chartreux in the picture is still a kitten, nyaa~ It looks like a gray Bombay when it grows up

Ano ne, my favorites are still Exotic Shorthairs, though (the ideal cat for lazy people~). 😉

You’re not intruding, nyaa! That’s what comments are for, ne? 😉


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