walkthrough: tokei jikake no umbrella project.

Ano, nyaa.. My first art walkthrough. I included personal comments and the price range of the art materials I used in case you guys are interested for bargains and all. 😉

Oh, and by the way, this piece features Nakayama Junko and Sakurai Sho. 😉 Go figure on who is who. xD


Took a good 3-7 hours thinking up of a concept. I know it’s a long time, demo saa, my brain is just that slow.

I wanted it to be filled with a lot of electric blue and black since those are the colors that pop into my head whenever I hear ARASHI’s Tokei Jikake no Umbrella.


  • 0.5 Standard iMech Pencil [Php. 35.00 – 50.00 (Merriam – sp?)]
  • Ordinary white eraser [Php. 7.00 (D’Clarion)]
  • 10″ x 15″ BEST BUY illustration board [Php. 7.00 (National)]


  • I think it’s good to draw lightly, as illustration boards are very sensitive. *nods* Pencils have tendencies to leave dents on illustration boards even when you make erasures. 😦

Line art//

This part made my hand bleed. I think it’s the most crucial point of drawing (at least, using ‘my’ style) because I hate having to use correction pens. D8


  • 0.5 and 0.3 Dong-A Fine Tech [Php. 22.00 each (Merriam – sp?)]
  • Brandless markers for the areas with large blacks [Php. 100.00 3 boxes with about a dozen pieces inside (Divisoria)]


  • Never, ever, EVER ink when you’re sweaty (this is out of experience). 😦 My sweat accumulated on my forehead and it literally FELL on my inked drawing. The lines became a fuzzy muss of purple. I was all “OMFG! WHAT DID I DOO???”
  • Use varied line widths. It makes the picture a lot cuter. 😉
  • When coloring big areas using a marker, remember to go over them twice. 😀 If you don’t, it won’t look like it’s black at all since markers usually layer. D:


A total pain in the backside. 😀 Demo saa, still fun to do.


  • Faber Castell colored pencils 48 Pieces (I think) [more or less Php. 500 (National)]
  • FRATERNITY watercolor pencils (I forgot how many pieces) [more or less Php. 200 (National)]
  • Faber Castell blue highlighter [more or less Php. 25.00 (National)]


  • Use more than one shade of a particular color. 😉 I use four pencils on the skin. Flesh, russet, red and chocolate brown. Sometimes, gold, burgundy and honey makes its way to my list. ^___^
  • Use base colors first before adding shading; or you could do shading first before adding the base color. Demo saa, I think it’s much more appropriate to do the first rather than the latter.
  • Watercolor pencils have softer lead than ordinary colored pencils. They’re very good for highlighting, make up, blush ons and shading. 😉

Final Product// (click for a higher resolution)

For finishing touches, I used a gold colored pencils to pick out the black, tar-looking border from the checkered background. 😉 And… ta dah!

Time: On and off – more than a week



  sakuyama wrote @

Fuck this. This is just… pure awesome, ya know.

SHO!!! /dies

Sorry for lack of better comment. It’s just… I’m speechless, ‘kay?

  NatsuOh wrote @

Call me? :)) I wanna hear you flail.

  twinkledoll wrote @

OMG. *worships* D:

  Est wrote @

That’s a really neat piece with the blue and black checkered background. Cool that it’s inspired by Tokei Jikake because that’s one of my favourites too. Ah yes lineart is so time consuming..

  NatsuOh wrote @

Thank you~

Tokei is a very nice song, nyaa. Line art makes my hands bleed, demo saa, fun to do. ;))


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