ozine fest ’10!

Nyaa! I just got home!

Me and my parents were one of the first people who got there – it was around 7:45, I think. The mall opened at 10! 😀

Nyaa! Art stuff, all set!

I was originally there for the art contest, but I didn’t win. The winner was awesomesauce, though!

It ain’t that pretty. :3

I met Yu-sensei and a new friend, Yo-tan, along the way, too!

You can’t Believe how elated I was when I heard ARASHI’S BELIEVE play on the stereos. And those things were loud! 😀

Demo saa, I got kaa-san to buy me a Chikara Hat. I got three charms (a bell – me! xD, a heart and a teddy bear – just because of Papa Bear~♥)

I look pleasantly high. Come to think of it, I am.

I got several stickers and a poster too (freebies for early birds)~ PoT still rocks my socks, yo~

Too bad I wasn’t able to get a picture with the girl who cosplayed (a female) Ciel! She’s so cute! Demo saa, not as cute as those in DeviantArt, but still passable.


They had a lot of games too – all regarding anime! A song guessing game and a game which requires you to watch a LOT of anime. 😀

Lots of merchandises – I was tempted to buy, demo, kaa-san pulled me out of the con to do the drawing (for the contest, I mean).

Too bad I wasn’t able to go into the maid cafe, though.

Oh well.

There’s always a next time, ne? (Kaa-san allows me to go into cons now – although I’m ALWAYS supposed to enter contests).



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