i wuv kaa-san and tou-san. ♥

They actually support my dream of going to Japan (and staying there for good), nyaa!

Now… the only thing to do left is to make that dream come true~


So far, I’ve decided that Kumon’s going to be my stepping stone to Japan, nyaa! If I could master such complicated Mathematical concepts, then I’ll be able to endure learning a language and its traditions, ne?

Besides, Kumon’s based in Japan. Oh ho ho ho~ I so love where this is going. 🙂

I wonder when I should start saving, nyaa?

I so, so, so to the highest level want to live there~


I dream of going to a Hanami with my significant other… and maybe, just maybe, that person would be… him.

I’m serious about the ‘him’, but I’m not telling who~♥




  sakuyama wrote @

Ahhh, damn I envy you. Your parents are supportive of your desire to go to Japan and stay there for good. T______T I can’t even go there even for just vacation.

Ayyieeeee~ Secret ka pa about this ‘him’ ah. As if naman I didn’t know who. 🙂 ♥ Subtlety much?

  Ai N. Ohno wrote @


Shut up.

And nee-chan, it’s NOT a desire. It’s a NEED. :3

Anyhow, sent you Bloom and Dolce. Knock yourself out.

  sakuyama wrote @

Ahahaha. SAIIIII~ ♥ OTPPP!! 😀

Fine, fine. It’s a need, then. Tuloy pa ang ating planong manirahan sa Japan at pumunta ng Odaiba para istalk sila? xDD

Yo, I did knock myself out. /faints

  Ai N. Ohno wrote @


xD Was it that hot, nyaa? :))

  Ai N. Ohno wrote @

Oh, and yes – tuloy na tuloy, darling~♥

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