being emo again over arashi. :)

Yeah. 🙂 Awesomesauce OT5~

Stuff I (still) have to do (unordered):

  1. Watch and finish Saigo no Yakusoku.
  2. Watch the trailer for Kaibutsu-kun.
  3. Online stalk Oh-chan regarding his new drama.
  4. Snag a few more songs. 😀

I really need to get a hold of myself. Yesterday, I jogged home from school (yeah, people didn’t stare ^^) and today, I walked home (it’s awkward jogging in a skirt).

My life is boring. Ugh… -_-
Friends keep me company.

Art keeps me sane.

LJ is my (not so) personal ranting site.



  vividmornings wrote @

my life is incredibly boring too, don’t worry. 😀 seriously, everyday is work, eat, go on the computer, sleep. LOL. and ooh, i bet you’ll love the trailer for kaibutsu-kun tehe. xD 😀

  NatsuOh wrote @

STILL haven’t watched the trailer, nyaa. T_T
*is really excited to watch*
Demo saa… I REALLY need to get a life. ;(

  daringscientive wrote @

hah. and you call me emo. T___T;;
kidding~ /hugs. we all come to a boring point in our life. you don’t have to stalk oh-chan’s drama~ your ultimate source for arashi updates and their drama – arashion! xD

  NatsuOh wrote @

You ARE emo. -_- And I am too.
My life IS boring.
You even told me ‘I’d hate being you’ when we were about to go home (the day you made up with sensei, remember?)
And I like online stalking. Beat it. xD

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