Today… I’ve felt myself grow fatter than I already am. xD Okaa-san made me Cali Rolls that aren’t rolled. 🙂 It’s kind of spread out, demo saa, it definitely tasted the same. ^^

(Except for the cucumber. I hate cucumber. xP And I forgot to tell her to buy tobiko. xD That is, if you could actually find it in these parts.)

Waii~ Oishi desu~ 😀

Anyhow, I stuffed myself full. (I ate about… 3 platefuls of that) ^^ With yogurt, chips, mangoes and… I forgot the others. ^^ I didn’t eat dinner today, though. 😀

Anyhow, my mother wanted to watch the fireworks display, so we went to MoA earlier (where I got my super awesomesauce inspiration for nee-chan’s fic). I took more than 190 photos of the entire event. xD

Pretty, pretty fireworks. 😀 Too bad I wasn’t able to see Japan’s presentation. 😦

Oh well~^_^


Oh, and by the way, all throughout the display, all I thought of was – you guessed it – Oh-chan. :))

Awesomesauce ichiban~♥



  vividmornings wrote @

oh cool, i would love to try a california-type role like that too. seems interesting! SUSHI IS SO GOOD. ♥! 😀 and i love watching fireworks. thats such a pretty picture! 😀

  NatsuOh wrote @

I’ve never had sushi before. T_T My mother is too much of a kill joy to buy me some. T____________T
Fireworks is awesomesauce!
♥ for Ohno! 😀

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