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Currently in the school’s omputer lab. Supposed to be layouting for the school newspaper but… Oh well.


Title: Doing the Math

Pairing(s): Ohno x Natsuno (OC)
Rating: G
Summary: The blue, cat-shaped sticky note stood out against the whiteness of his fridge. He assumed that said note was from Ai. “Natsuno-chan… has a really… creative way of expressing herself…”
Warnings: Meh. Randomness.
Disclaimer: I do not OWN Arashi (like hell I will).
A/N: The result of spending more than 3 hours in a really hot room… and Kumon. 😀

-√(2-3)x + 2 > 2 – 3ux

He stared.

The blue, cat-shaped sticky note stood out against the whiteness of his fridge. He assumed that said note was from his friend… Ai… since… she did come over for dinner last night (because she was so awesome that she couldn’t whip up a decent meal – other than pancakes, of course – ti save her life), and the note wasn’t there before she came.

‘This is Ai-chan’s handwriting… and she’s the only person I know who owns cat-shaped sticky notes.’

He paused for a moment as realization hit him.

What in the world did she expect him to do it? SOLVE it?

He knew to himself that he’s a wizard both in dancing and in singing, but he’s (admittedly) no good in Math.

A sigh escaped his lips.

‘Is this supposed to be important? What if this is a secret code or something? What if she needed my help?!’ Questions ran through his brain as he thought of all possibilities.

But alas, he realized that he had to solve it… or at least do something. He couldn’t just blindly jump into conclusions…

"I guess there’s only one person to call when you get stuck in this kind of trouble…" he muttered to himself, as he felt his backpocket for his cellphone.

"Hello? This is Sakurai Sho speaking—ah! Oh-chan! What can I do for you? Wait… Come over? Now? I’m busy… It’s important—Oi! Don’t hang up on me! I’m still talking to you!

"So… What exactly do you want me to do…?" he asked, a bitter look adorning his features.

"Solve this for me, please. It’s a note from Natsuno-chan… and I think it’s supposed to be important." Ohno handed Sho the slip of paper. The latter raised a fine brow. "Important how?" he asked.

"Just solve it," Ohno pressed, a little harsher than he intended to.

"Fine, fine," Sho resigned as he started to work on the complex looking inequality.

For a while, Ohno’s apartment was quiet, save for the sound of graphite scribbling against paper.

Sakurai Sho suddenly stopped writing and held back what seemed to be a snort.

"What’s the answer?" Ohno asked anxiously. "Natsuno-chan… has a really… creative way of expressing herself…" the Keio graduate chuckled as he handed his friend his solution.

-√(2-3)x + 2 > 2 – 3ux
Ohno Satoshi

-√(-1)x > -3ux
Ohno Satoshi
– simplify the inequality and cancel out the positive twos –

-√(-1) > -3u
Ohno Satoshi
– cancel out the x’s –

√(-1)< 3u
Ohno Satoshi
– cancel out the negative signs –
Ohno Satoshi

– since the value of a negative square root is always imaginary –




  daringscientive wrote @

Shet talaga; ang talino talaga ni Sho, oh. Tsk tsk tsk… 😀 Ang saya nga naman!

  NatsuOh wrote @

Asuu~s. Andyan lang kasi si Sho. xD Ikaw nga yung kilig dyan, ee. Sakurai-san~

Oh, and I know I’m awesomesauce. Too bad Nakayama and Sakurai’s relationship aren’t mentioned here. 😛

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