from daringscientive’s house~

I’m very proud to say that today’s been a productive day.

😀 It was fun~ And I got to finish a hell load of work at that~ ^_^ (except maybe for… Kumon…? xD)

Earlier… just this morning… about 2:00AM to 6:00AM…

This was supposed to be a poster for my Arts subject, nyaa. A supposedly group homework, nyaa~♥ Demo, I sometimes like hogging all the work. 🙂 It wasn’t finished yet when I took this picture, by the way. ^^

The guy with brown hair was *supposed to be* Oh-chan. :3

We had this test thinggie about the three major subjects. Halfway through the English test… I fell asleep (I am such a loser). Math was fine and dandy, if you exclude the fact that I was unable to answer about 1/4 of the test because of the (darnstupididiotic) time limit. Chemistry… it was easy.


Anyhow… From 12:00PM – 2:30PM…

We had a recording for a Radio Drama. *A* It was weird~

From 3:00PM – 7:00PM….

Me and Daughter-chan went to ‘s house to do a project. 8D So awesomesauce, nyaa! We were supposed to make a diorama of Le Arc de Triomphe. ^_^

Ohno Jr. won’t smile for the camera, nyaa. He doesn’t like me that much. T^T I made friends with ‘s little sister, though. 😀

2nd picture: [L – R] Daughter-chan (who is in fact, a year older than I am),  and .

By the way, nee-chan, you ****h~ Why the hell did you delete your picture riding Randee’s bike? c: It was epic, nyaa~ I couldn’t even ride it (sometimes, I hate having long legs).

Oh well~

Waii~ So happy~ The project actually looks so much  better than the first we did. 😀

Oh.. and…

happy birthday, grandma! 😀



  yuki_no_tensai wrote @

ne, there’s me! thank you! (ps. your LJ is cute♥)

  NatsuOh wrote @

Thank you~ 😀 ^_^ ♥
ILU, Aiba-chan~

  vividmornings wrote @

THAT ART LOOKS SO CUTE! ;A; omgsh, i wish i had your talent tehe. ♥ haha i’m horrible at chemistry usually, lol. i always rush during exams though, cause i’m scared of the time limit. xD

  NatsuOh wrote @

Thank you~8D
Daughter-chan is a monster when it comes to chemistry, nyaa. T___T Exams are always a pain. I always rush too… Although sometimes I fall asleep during the exam~
Nyaa~ I wish we could meet you, nyaa~ I wants to see you~ ;A; ♥

  daringscientive wrote @

/wishes to see vividmornings with you
hahaha. i replied to your comment, wtf. but i still love your art, dude. 😀 the pictures are cute~ ♥
hoping you’d come visit us again!

  NatsuOh wrote @

Nyaa~ I’m a dudette, thank you very much, nyaa~
I wanna visit again, too~♥

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