i’m actually studying?

I have a very bad feeling about my recent Chemistry exam. T_T I suck at said subject, nyaa. Badly.

I wonder if a got a passing grade?

I’m currently trying to memorize a hell load of formulas but had to sneak off for a few minutes on LJ. *rabu*

Waii~ I just got home from choir practice, by the way. *awesomesauce* I got a picture of Emily-nee-chan’s laptop cover~ *flails*

Uwaa~ I want it. Aiba-chan looks so cute here, da ne? :3

I can’t say the same for Nino, though. Oh well~ I’m going to her house next week to do stuff for the Catholic Youth Organization Unit 26’s 30th anniversary~

I’m going with dayvision, by the way. 

I’m soo~ gonna snog the chance to get a hold of her (Emily-nee-chan) FREESTYLE again. Yes, as in Ohno Satoshi’s FREESTYLE~! She bought it from a convention, I think… Or did she get a pre-order from Japan? I forgot… but she got that monster of a thing just last year… A month after the release of said mag. *_* That’s what I call a dedicated fan.


This is Emily-nee-chan… although I got her from a bad angle because I was sitting on the floor… but, like me, she too could sometimes be a camera whore. 😀 I think she’s really pretty, though. Just a tad bid fat like me. xD

*runs off to do homework now*

*suddenly remembers she still has to write  a fic*



  vividmornings wrote @

omgg like 1 month ago i was studying like crazy for my chemistry exam. it was surprisingly okay though. i’m sure you did great! 😀 ♥ good luck with your coming exams and studying. ♥ AND I WANT FREESTYLEEE~ OHNO! 😀

  NatsuOh wrote @

Nyaa~ T_T I didn’t do good at all… I got a low score (though I forgot what)… Ack… I hate chem.

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